Accessible Procurment Toolkit (AP-Toolkit)

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What is the Accessible Procurement Toolkit?

The Accessible Procurement Toolkit is a Web-based application that delivers accessibility requirements and standards to apply to a purchase of mainstream products and services. Applying these standards will ensure that products meet "Universal Design" principles and help the procuring organization meet its mandated obligation to purchase more accessible goods and services.

Why use the Accessible Procurement Toolkit?

You can make your office/workplace more welcoming, adaptable, safer and accessible for you and all your employees with a relatively small change to your normal business practices.

A more accessible workplace will be better suited to an aging workforce and allow you to hire and train or retain skilled workers with disabilities.

Some country, state, provincial and municipal governments have made accessible procurment a requirement, either by policy or law. Using the toolkit can help you meet those requirements.

Who should use this toolkit?

Use this toolkit if you plan to procure mainstream technology or services for the general office environment.

The toolkit can be used by:

  • purchasing managers to inform procurement officers of their product requirements
  • procurement officers to add accessibility clauses to purchasing documents
  • manufacturers to see what standards might apply to their products for planning and development purposes
  • vendors to compare the compliance level of their products to government or international standards

Use the AP-Toolkit